Champatree Art Gallery is a dynamic and immersive art space founded by artist and curator duo Pooja Bahri and Archana Sapra, co-founders of the Arts4All Foundation. Established in 2018, the gallery is rapidly gaining recognition to prominence as a premier destination for art lovers, collectors, and artists alike.

The Champatree Art Gallery, located in the upscale and tranquil neighbourhood of Greater Kailash II, New Delhi is a haven for artistic expression and a beacon of creativity. A range of various artistic mediums, such as paintings, sculptures, photographs, digital art, installations, and mixed media works, are displayed in the gallery’s contemporary setting.

We take immense pride in curating a diverse collection of artworks, which reflects the many different perspectives and artistic voices of both well-known and emerging artists from across the country. The gallery actively seeks out artists who push boundaries, challenge conventions, and offer fresh and innovative approaches to their craft. From abstract and conceptual art to figurative and surrealistic expressions, each exhibition at Champatree tells a compelling story, inviting viewers and collectors to delve deeper into its meaning and essence.

We believe in fostering the growth and recognition of emerging artists, allowing them to showcase their talent to a larger audience. We hope to build a vibrant community where creativity can flourish by providing a platform that bridges the gap between artists and art enthusiasts. Through these collaborations, Champatree Art Gallery aims to drive the progress of Indian contemporary art, encouraging experimentation, innovation, and critical engagement.