The Create Studio is a creative domain housed in the expansive and suitably designed premises at Greater Kailash 2, New Delhi, that provides professional art education with hands-on experience by practicing artists.

We employ various means of communication through professional workshops and art appreciation courses to actively incorporate art using experimental methods of teaching to support the development of artistic sense amid young children as well as adults and art lovers. Our endeavor is to nurture creativity and to provide a conducive environment and facilities for the participants.


Our most recently conducted corporate workshops were organized in Google, IBM and John Lewis. They were a two to three-hour long workshop which begins with a presentation on the chosen master artist. These workshops are focused on recreating paintings. The finished work were taken back home by the participants.

These workshops are aimed at providing a rejuvenating break for the hectic corporate schedule that most people find themselves entangled in.


  • One on one sessions with are art educators who are renowned IB instructors of India, professional and amateur practicing artists who contribute their experience and inputs;
  • Weekly classes with facilitators focusing on conceptual development through different stages of their art work;
  • Constant efforts towards ideation and creative pursuits for portfolio building and assessment;
  • Monthly assessment reviews by facilitators to the students and their parents/ guardians on their performance and strengths;


Our Kids Workshop allows children to be creative and original thinkers which is extremely vital. We at TCS feel lucky to be able to facilitate kids in this venture!

Our Modules include-

  • Hands on workshops with established artists;
  • Talks and demos with artists;
  • Discussions/interactions amongst the kids;
  • Slide shows at the beginning of the class by our professional/ practicing artists.


Workshop for adults are organized in two batches. The participants can follow three ways to learn different techniques:

  • Participants can choose a style of their liking and learn to perfect it over a month;
  • Beginners are can choose to start with sketching, shading and followed by painting.
  • weekly modules are prepared for all the participants along with a list of materials they will be using for the class.


Introducing the learners to basic guidelines/ materials & techniques of fashion drawing. The module builds up the learner’s skill to draw and express fashion ideas. We have made a module that teaches only illustration-

  • Different materials used in illustrations;
  • Understanding postures, movements, balance and blocking of fashion figures;
  • Understanding human anatomy and proportions used in fashion drawing.


  • Pop- up workshops at TCS are organized keeping in mind the vast field of art, be it visual arts, performing arts or fine arts. Some of the workshops we have conducted are mentioned below-
  • Photography workshops follows a one-month module which covers editing as well. They are organized on the weekends for three hours in the morning. The aim of the workshop is understanding technicalities of the equipment used, outdoor and indoor photography, learning about various famous photographers and their body of work and editing on Adobe Photoshop.


Summer art programmeis a five-day affair that is divided in two batches-

  • Children between the age 4 to 12. The first batch had activities inspired from Indian art forms like Warli, Lippan art and Madhubani. These are followed with a theater workshop for kids that were aimed at voice modulation and articulation along with confidence building;
  • Children between the ages 13 to 17. The second batch learnt how to use mediums like watercolors and charcoal. They also learnt basic techniques used in photography and editing.

Contemporary Miniature Workshop for kids and adult are organized to introduce participants to the world of miniature paintings. They use contemporary imagery in miniature painting to make paintings more relatable to present times.


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