Why do cicadas sing?

Chintada Eswara Rao | Gayatri Halder | Mahavir Wadhwana | Navanshu Kumar | Neelima Nath OP | Prasad Shrikant Mestri Prithwish Daw

Curated by Keerti Pooja


Gallery Champa Tree is pleased to present “Why do cicadas sing?”, an exhibition of the recent works of seven young artists Chintada Eswara Rao, Gayatri Halder, Mahavir Wadhwana, Navanshu Kumar, Neelima Nath OP, Prasad Shrikant Mestri, and Prithwish Daw, curated by Keerti Pooja.

As we travel through the maze and labyrinthine lanes of our lives as human beings, we experience the many complex layers of our existence. Through the guiding beacon of experiences, we unfold our own senses in the process. Traversing through the buzzing inner thoughts, we consciously calm the
chaos and try to hear the voice resounding within.

The narrative of this show is weaved to experience the innate, intimate inner voices of these brilliant seven artists culminated through their visual language. Their artworks converse with their thoughts like painted poetry and sing them to us as the songs of their inner thoughts. These emerging artists, fresh with their degrees, come to the front to tell their unheard stories. The show envisions the amalgamating existence of the young voices in the current world masked by capitalism, symbolized through the metaphor of the singing Cicadas, whose humming we hear only in nocturnal settings.—Keerti Pooja

Showcasing a selection of drawings and paintings and sculptures from April 14, 2023, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the gallery premises in Greater Kailash, the exhibition will be on view till June 01, 2023.

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